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Do not worry about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

Philippians 4.6


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41 Prayers

  1. Caroline Swanson

    Please pray for our world. Please pray for better times for all. Blessed be God forever.

  2. Sian Jenkins

    Please pray for my husband Alwyn, he’s lost his way in life and is finding it difficult to connect with those that love and care for him most, please pray for me that God will continue to give me strength to be there for him whenever he needs me. Thank you Lord

  3. Bev

    I pray for all those who are currently suffering in Afghanistan. While they may pray to Allah I am comforted that my Lord will influence those in power within Christian nations to support them in their hour of need

  4. Jacqueline and Chris Hopkins

    Prayer for the soul of our darling granddaughter and goddaughter Charlotte Elisabeth Martin, and extended prayers for Lisa, John, Jack and Nicholas.

  5. Lisa

    I pray for all the sweet people in my neighborhood, the LCS ministry the Lord has gifted, for my dear family…and I pray for and w you, Carla, (prayer below). He is so amazingly faithful.

  6. Susan Hines

    Please pray for my dear husband Alvar who has been diagnosed with brain cancer. He is the kindest, most sensitive soul and I love him dearly. Please also pray for me as I suffer from anxiety and depression, that I will have the strength to care for him. Thank you.

  7. Reg Hehir

    Family and emotional healing for family members

  8. Fiona

    Please may we all pray for those who need it most.
    God bless you all. Thank you

  9. Susan

    Praying for unity within my family and also salvation for my children and grandchildren

    Thank you for praying

  10. Glyn niblett

    Please pray for my mother Mary who passed away 4 year’s ago and we celebrate her 90th birthday on 23rd May.
    Almighty and merciful God,may my mother share the victory of Christ who loved us so much that he died and rose again to bring us to new life .
    Give her eternal rest O Lord and may perpetual light shine on her may she rest in peace with my father who passed from this world in 1997.
    Please keep them both in your prayers.

  11. carla

    please help me to lose weight and look smarter thankyou

  12. Kate Mackman

    Please pray for my lovely Mum, Sue Leece who is ill with dementia and is coming to the end of her life. Surround her with your love and care.

  13. Stephen Scrimshaw

    For my dear Wife Pamela Scrimshaw who I lost a year ago this coming Friday the 16th.May she be at peace in the Lord’s Care.

  14. RY

    Please pray for those affected by COVID

  15. c

    for something good to happen for me soon

  16. Susan Iveson

    In memory of my lovely mum, Mary, who passed away on 21 January. Greatly loved and very much missed by her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and friends. May she rest in peace as she deserves. A beautiful person inside and out.

  17. Jeremy H White

    Please have hope for my mum, who passed away this morning.

    She has battled dementia for the last 10 years.

    She will be very much missed by her children and all of those she had an impact on.

    Love you mum.


  18. Kerry Hughes

    Please pray for Marion Roope poorly in hospital. Please may she come home soon.

  19. S

    Prayers to the universe for Grandad Tavener Nanny Tavener and Auntie Lynne

  20. Anne

    Please pray for Deborah that she recovers speedily after her second chemotherapy session, which was on Friday.

    Please pray for me – Anne – that I find a way – at this age, homeless again and alone – to rebuild a life, from complete scratch. Give me guidance. Give me strength. Give me safety.

  21. Pauline Kennington

    Please pray for my Mother (Rosemary) who died in May and my Sister (Carol) who died in July. May they now rest in Peace.

  22. Jude Spencer-white

    I pray for my brother Dai spencer who isnt very well with cancer.

  23. Lawrence

    Dear Lord Father God
    There is so much going on in our lives at the moment, I’m sorry that we have been feeling quite overwhelmed and we lost focus on you
    We ask and thank you for continued forgiveness on both my beautiful wife Jill and I Lawrence on all our sins
    Lord rebuke and keep us totally protected from all evil at all times and in all ways
    Lord, renew our minds with your grace and love and teach us guide us to think as you think, speak as you speak, behave as you behave,
    Father, please heal us from all the ailments, medical conditions, symptoms, causes that Jill and I have
    Father, I thank you that my beautiful wife Jill functions as she does, but please do a miracle and take away this tiredness from Jill, so she feels refreshed and energised during the day, straighten her curved spine, cast out this Chrohn’s disease, take away this hernia, do this quickly and grant my beautiful wife Jill with far better health in all ways
    Father, I pray we do not have cancer, no early signs of cancer, no disease, no abnormalities at all
    Father, we thank you pray that the consultant will gave me the all clear on 3rd August
    Father, I pray you will grant us the deepest desires, needs, hopes, miracles of our hearts far abundantly exceedingly better than what we could ever think of, including our holiday to Madeira
    Father, I thank you that we do not have to self isolate in Madeira and when we return to the UK
    Father, we are still praying for a far better job for me to have by November 2020, but if not November than soon after, I need to be in a far better job, specifically as Bereavement Counsellor, please let this be the time Father God, Amen
    I pray my current job will greatly improve in all ways and every way
    Lord Father God, I am sick and tired of my team leaders Charlie’s attitude, making me feel devalued, making me feel an unworthy of the team I have been working in for 14 years, making me feel full of fear
    Father God, we have prayed and prayed that you step in and dramatically turn Charlie’s attitude around for the better, so he is always genuine, warm, supportive, celebrates my wealth of experience, celebrates my gifts, just allows me to get on with my job and we pray he full of encouragement all the time
    I pray when I finish this week on the 3rd September for over a month, I pray I will finish work on a high and positive note, with a peaceful heart and mind, I pray that both my beautiful wife Jill and I will thoroughly immensely enjoy a truly beautiful holiday in Madeira and when we get back home and I pray that it will be very pleasant to come back to work on October 6th
    Father, I pray that every aspect of our holiday in Madeira will be simply richly blessed by you, every aspect, every dimension, everything will simply be such a beautiful holiday far exceedingly better than we could ever think of
    Father, I pray for our beautiful marriage to continue to grow, bloom each day each year, each decade, that we will be a radiant shining example of what a beautiful happy joyful romantic, fun, serene, passionate, beautiful, harmonious Godly marriage is about
    Father, I pray for rich blessings for all our family members, friends, everyone in our life
    Father, I pray that you will rebuke this corona virus quickly from the face of this earth, I pray hundreds of millions more people will come to know you
    Father, I ask you in the name of Jesus Christ to answer our prayers, Amen

  24. David

    Please pray for the soul our Friend and colleague Alan Harvey. Alan had been a re-enactor for 20 years plus and had been a regular participant in the Tewkesbury Medieval Festival. He lost his short Battle with Cancer on 30th June. He always visited the Abbey every Monday after the festival and his greatest wish was to come one more time. He was a kind, gentle, generous man who will be greatly missed. Please also pray for his Wife Pam to give her the strength to cope with loosing her soulmate.

  25. Jayne

    please pray for my step father Ernie Veal.
    He has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and only has a short life expectancy.
    this would be a source of comfort to myself and my mother at this time.

  26. Becky

    for my Mum & Dad, both of whom loved Tewkesbury Abbey … many special happy memories there . May God bless them .

  27. Chris

    Today a friend of mine will take a funeral on a driveway, she is unable to visit the bereaved because of the COVID-19 situation. We pray for all who are called to minister but are restricted in what they can do in these difficult times

  28. Jennifer Pritchard

    Heavenly Father,
    Thank You for being our gracious, loving, ever approachable and ever present Father, closer than any human friend could be. Thank You also for being just and merciful. As we approach this Easter time, we are mindful of the parallels between the first Passover and our current situation. We repent of our sins, of going our own way, of forgetting to acknowledge You in our daily lives and communications with each other. Please forgive us and, by Your grace, give us the courage to speak of You whenever and wherever we find ourselves. We remember those who are sick from the corona virus and those whose treatment is on hold because of this pestilence. We ask that You stretch out Your healing hand over them all. Please be with the doctors and nurses and all those involved in the care of the sick and the dying. We also remember those of our loved ones who have departed this life. In my case, my parents, Ken and Henriette Gibbs. Thank You that, because Your Son died for us, we know He speaks on our behalf in heaven and therefore that these prayers will be heard and answered. In the precious name of Jesus Messiah we ask these things. Amen.

  29. Mrs Tracey Ogden

    Rest in peace my dear beloved Uncle Johnny Walker. I will miss you so very much & wish I could be with you to say goodbye. You will be looked after in heaven & will join up with all of our loved & lost. You will remain forever in my heart. Love you always your beloved niece

    (If possible please can someone light a candle for my uncle Johnny, I’ll give a donation when the abbey is open again for the public to come & pray. Thank you.)

  30. Nigel A. G. Benford

    Please pray for my very dear sister Susan, who recently died. May she rest in peace.

  31. Martin Walden

    I would ask for your prayers in my illness
    As I praise you for all you do

  32. Rebecca

    Praying for my mum Barbara as she joins my dad Ted. Safe travels in your onward journey. I love you both so very much. God bless.

  33. Mrs christine DAWSON

    Just to bless my mummy and I miss you ,it was 2years 3 January this year . Always and Forever until we meet again I thank god for having a wonderful mother .

  34. veronica james

    Pray for Veronica James who has plaque in her main artery, she also has hiatus hernia which gives her a lot of indigestion please pray that God will touch her with his healing hands and rid her of the plaque in her artery.

    Also pray for Tibby her little grey tabby cat who has severe constipation that gets him blocked up he went to the vet today had a enema but they have said he needs to go back if he hasnt passed anything by the morning please pray for this little one for Gods healing.

    Thank you so very much

  35. Tracy Hettler

    Dear Lord, we see the relentless destruction of your beautiful creation through our greed, our exploitation, our ignorance, our fear, ultimately our fear.. please give us the courage to overcome our wretchedness. Show us how to trust our vulnerability, accept our limitations, respect the transience of our physical lives, please help us love ourselves again so that we may embrace the wonder of our beautiful planet and all the creatures and plants, and elements that make it so miraculous and unique. Please protect us from ourselves…show us the way home.

  36. Judy

    Dear God , give baby Darcey the strength to fight for the wonderful life on your earth that awaits her. Please give her parents and her family the support they need to stay strong beside her in this battle.

  37. Anonymous

    Heavenly Father, please be with my husband, your good and faithful servant, on Wednesday during his surgery for renal carcinoma. Guide the surgeon, contain the cancer, control the pain. Please hasten his recovery and help him feel the prayers being lifted for him. Give him peace. Thank you. In your name we pray, Amen.

  38. Anonymous

    Pray for the Rev Liz Bickley whose husband died last Friday.

  39. Nikki emery

    Jordan always in my thoughts. Love you forever. Miss you

    Mummy xxxx

  40. jim

    ~ Please pray for my mother so that she may receive healing.

    My mom, Nadia has had a stroke.

    She can’t swallow and is paralyzed down left side, arm & leg.

    She has lost bowel movement & urinary control.

    Her speech has been taken away.

    She is in a care home.

    Also Please pray for me, (Jim) as my left eye has a detached retina. God Bless you.


  41. Jean

    Please pray that my dear friend Ann will be restored to full health after her recent diagnosis. Dear Lord, give her the strength to face the treatment ahead and also give her loving family the strength to support her in this challenge.


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