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The Nave of the Abbey is open for private prayer

and the Sacrament reserved on the High Altar

from 8.45am until 4.30pm daily


Monday, Friday, Saturday
9.00am        Morning Prayer

4.00pm       Evening Prayer

9.00am        Morning Prayer
5.30pm       Choral Evensong

9.00am        Morning Prayer

12.30pm      Holy Communion
4.00pm       Centering Prayer

9.00am        Morning Prayer
5.30pm       Choral Evensong

9.00am Morning Prayer

10.30am Holy Communion (lived streamed)
4.00pm Evening Prayer

Tickets are not required for the regular schedule of services

In line with Government and Church of England guidance,
face coverings are required in the Abbey

The Quire and Ambulatory
remain closed for the time being


The Pop Up Shop and Tea Room
will open 10am – 4pm everyday


 Prayer Tree

Join your prayers with ours. If you would like us to pray for you, someone you know or an issue that is concerning you click here and use the form to send us your prayer. Prayers left here will be included at our evening service.