The Way Forward

Tewkesbury Abbey is first and foremost a parish church. The Vicar and Abbey team provide a wide range of worship every day of the year, from quiet Morning Prayer up to magnificent Carol Services with congregations of 1,000. Different styles of worship meet the needs of the people, and the Abbey has a particular tradition of excellence in music and liturgy with a fine choir and superb organ playing.

The Abbey is an outstanding building, described by Simon Jenkins as, ‘One of England’s most splendid churches,’ but its ministry extends far beyond its walls. Visiting the sick, contributing to the food bank, supporting charities and social projects are all essential in the day-to-day work of the team.

Tewkesbury Abbey is not well-endowed financially. The Church of England only provides resources for clergy stipends and all other costs have to be met by the Abbey itself. Contrary to popular belief there is no government funding for a building which is of national and international significance.



Many people have carried out excellent work in fund raising over the years, striving to raise the resources that are necessary in order to meet these costs, but it is now time for a new way forward in order to build on existing and vital giving. We need a co-ordinated, strategic long-term and efficient approach to fund-raising and fund-management to develop our effectiveness in approaching and looking after donors, planning and publicising events and exploring external sources of finance such as charitable trusts, public sector grants and corporate bodies.

The thinking behind ‘Tewkesbury Abbey Foundation,’ the reasons why it is needed, its structure, aims and ambitions and the methodology by which it will seek to achieve them is set out in ‘The Way Forward’ which you can access by clicking this link THE WAY FORWARD

or email [email protected]

Tewkesbury Abbey Foundation

The object of the foundation is the support Tewkesbury Abbey in the fulfillment of its objectives

Mission and Ministry

To empower Tewkesbury Abbey as a centre of effective Christian mission and ministry in Tewkesbury and beyond

Music and Liturgy

To uphold and advance Tewkesbury abbey as a centre of excellence in music and liturgy

Maintenance and Development

To ensure that the Abbey, its grounds and associated buildings are well maintained, and that development projects are adequately funded.

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