From the earliest records of Christianity in Tewkesbury the Blessed Virgin Mary has played an important role in the town.


The monks of our Abbey erected a statue of the Virgin Mary called ‘Our Lady of Tewkesbury’ as a focus for prayer, and a reminder that we are never alone.


In 1625, during the English Reformation, the statue was carried out of the Abbey, kicked, and used as a trough to feed pigs. The only record to survive this destruction was a seal of the Abbot, showing what the statue looked like.


The PCC plans to commission a new statue, based on the seal. A Restoration Pilgrimage will take place on Saturday 8th May 2021, the year in which we celebrate 900 years since the building’s Consecration. Individuals, families, and parish groups are welcome to come on pilgrimage to join us. Much more information will follow, to hear it first please sign up to the Our Lady of Tewkesbury Mailing List using the link at the top of this page.

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