Kneeler Project

The Friends’ Benefactor Kneeler project


The Benefactors’ Kneeler was dedicated on 3 July 2011 and is now on the step in the nave which marks the medieval division between the people’s part of the Abbey, to the West, and the Monk’s part, to the East. This magnificent work, over 24 feet in length, was made by well over 500 people, both local and from all parts of the world, each adding just a few stitches. It depicts the Coats of Arms of many of the medieval families who by their gifts created the Abbey that we have today. It also commemorates the charitable part played by the monks in the aftermath of the Battle of Tewkesbury in 1471.


The kneeler is made up of 8 cushions, this is a photo of one of them:


abbey kneeler


A Booklet explaining the illustrations and the historical importance of the step, is for sale on the Friends’ table in the North Aisle.  


 Richard Watson Williams


dedicated kneeler

Kneeler Dedication at the Friends Festival 11am Service, 3 July 2011.



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