Healing Ministry

The ministry of wholeness, healing and ‘well-being’ at Tewkesbury Abbey

In his own ministry Jesus gave priority to healing the sick.

The ministry which we offer here derives from the Gospel proclamation of salvation of body, mind and spirit. Beyond our quest for individual healing, there is a need for healing in human society, marred by war, injustice and oppression. As stewards of this world, we acknowledge the need for healing between humanity and the rest of the created order.

“Creation will be set free from its bondage to decay and will obtain the freedom of the glory of the children of God.” (Romans 8:21)

Our ministry is not offered as an alternative to medical care. All healing comes from God, whether brought about by the skill of doctors and nurses, or through healing words or a healing touch.

At Tewkesbury Abbey we express this concern in many ways

Through the daily Eucharist: see service times on the notice on the home page of our website or in the porch 

 Prayers for the sick: at daily services and in private prayers by members of the prayer for healing group

Through the personal love and care offered to one another

We believe that “our well being and human flourishing are concerned with the spiritual, emotional and physical dimensions of our lives.” Kersten England

Ministry of Reconciliation

Reconciliation was at the heart of Jesus’ ministry and is at the centre of the Church’s proclamation. When a person’s conscience is burdened with a particular sin, when a person wishes to make a new beginning in the Christian life, or as part of regular personal discipline the Vicar is available to help.

If you become housebound there is a team of lay people who visit regularly with Holy Communion. Staff in the Office will be pleased to arrange this for you.

While we are pleased to welcome all to the Abbey and are happy to speak with those in need/distress/trouble, it is not possible for us to offer long-term pastoral care to those who live at a distance. We can, with your permission, put you in touch with your parish priest or another local priest who will be pleased to speak with you.


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