Girls' Brigade

1st Tewkesbury Girls’ Brigade is a Christian girls group which meets on Tuesdays during term time at 6.30 to 8pm in the Parish Hall.

GIRLS’ brigade is passionate about raising the volume of hope among girls and young people by providing thought provoking fun and safe friendship groups for ages 4 and up. The group for 4’s to 8’s is called n:vestigate, the 7’s to 11’s group is called n:gage, the 10’s to 14’s group is called n:counter and the group for 13’s to 18’s is called n:spire.

Each week during the meeting there is time for chatting to friends, learning new things in our groups, action games and discovering what it means to follow Jesus.

Our aim as part of the global GB movement is to see girls lives transformed, God’s world enriched and key to this we enable our members to develop skills, explore Christian faith, make friends for life and encounter the hope offered by engaging with God in our daily lives.

1st Tewkesbury Girls Brigade has recently celebrated with Sara Napper, Brigade Leader, who has received an award for 10 years of service

Tewkesbury Abbey’s Girls’ Brigade leaders are-
Sara Napper Team leader
Julie Martin Leader
Kelly Walker Leader
For further informarion…07834267369.

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