Bell Ringers

If you live in England, whether in a large city or a small village, you have probably heard the sound of church bells. Bells have formed part of life in this country since the Middle Ages.

Church bells are the biggest and loudest musical instruments in the world. Their sound can be heard miles away from their towers.

Bells are rung to call people to church, to celebrate happy occasions and commemorate important events. They are also rung simply for the enjoyment of hearing their sound. Most church towers have bells. A set of bells is called a ‘ring’ or a ‘peal’. Village churches may have a small ring of bells, comprising six or eight bells. Bigger churches and cathedrals usually have a larger ring.


Tewkesbury Abbey Bell Ringers for Children & Young People

  • A unique hobby for whole families from 11 – 100
  • Very sociable group participation – you’ll make friends for life
  • Service to the Church – you will soon be able to make an important contribution
  • Lots of brainwork if you like it – but this is optional!
  • Healthy light exercise – you don’t need to be big and strong
  • Helps to maintain a very English tradition
  • It helps if you have a sense of rhythm and reasonable co-ordination – you don’t have to be a musician

Contact, Malcolm Taylor 01684 298995


Tewkesbury Abbey Guild of Ringers

Service ringing:

Sunday morning from 9.30am to 10.30am

Sunday evening – Please contact the secretary for more details on 01684 293764

Practice night is on Thursday from 7.30pm to 9.00pm. Meet outside the North Transept door.

Visiting ringers are always welcome.
Please contact the secretary for more details on 01684 293764.

For more details about the bells of Tewkesbury Abbey click on the link below:-

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