Our 20.21 campaign looks forward to 23rd October 2021 when Tewkesbury Abbey will celebrate 900 years of the consecration of the Abbey we know and love today. It seeks to ensure that by that date Tewkesbury Abbey will be fit for purpose for the good of our own and succeeding generations. The year will be momentous for Tewkesbury as a whole as we will also celebrate 550 years since the Battle of Tewkesbury in 1471.

Because Tewkesbury Abbey is first and foremost a centre of Christian worship and mission, much of the strategy is couched in the language of faith. But we hope it will nevertheless engage those who do not regard themselves as Christians. Although the plan places value on worship and mission, it also places value on enterprise and conservation in ways that are clear and accountable to all.

Plans to launch a fundraising campaign to raise £5 million are under way. If you would like any further information on the campaign or if you would like to find out how you can help us, please contact the Abbey Treasurer, on 01684 850959 or via email on [email protected].

The latest version of the 20.21 strategic plan can be viewed and downloaded via this link.

20.21 Fund launched

To mark the start of a five-year journey towards the 2021 landmark, we were thrilled to launch the 20.21 Fund to more than 120 of the Abbey family at a service and function on 23 October 2016. The Fund has been created as the first step of a major fundraising drive and we give heartfelt thanks to those who have already signed up to this regular giving programme.

The 20.21 Fund is seeking support for projects which include:

Cleaning and restoration of the Milton Organ

Health Check

Cloister Garden – click here for the webpage for this project

Welcome Area

Please see the 20.21 Fund leaflet for more details on the proposed projects and for information on how to be part of Abbey history by joining the 20.21 Fund.

We hope you feel moved to support our vision to see Tewkesbury Abbey become fit for purpose for the good of our own and succeeding generations. Should you have any questions about joining the 20.21 Fund, please don’t hesitate to contact The Abbey Treasurer, Ian Bloom, on [email protected] or telephone 01684 850959.

2021 Strategic Plan

Tewkesbury Abbey’s Organist and Director of Music, Carleton Etherington, talks about the importance of the Milton Organ and its restoration.
If you would like to donate to the Milton Organ restoration please contact The Abbey Treasurer, Ian Bloom, – [email protected] or telephone 01684 850959.

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