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Abbey Booklets on sale

A range of booklets about Tewkesbury Abbey are now on sale in the Abbey Shop. Buy any two of the...
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Remembrance Day Services

Services at Tewkesbury Abbey for Remembrance Day 10.00am Civic Service of Remembrance 10.45am Act...
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Our new Bishop

On Saturday 19th September a service was held in the Cathedral to Inaugurate the Ministry of the new...
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Today's Events

Morning Prayer

Start Time : 08:30:00

End Time: 00:00:00

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Holy Communion

There is a service of Holy Communion every day in the Abbey

Start Time : 10:30:00

End Time: 00:00:00

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Choral Evensong

The Benedictine monks, who worshipped in this church for many years before the Reformation, prayed...

Start Time : 17:30:00

End Time: 00:00:00

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Prayer Tree

A Prayer for


Please pray for Michael & Danny Beeton in Derry, United Kingdom - that God will bless, guide & protect these two kind, talented brothers. I am starting a novena today, nine weeks of prayer for these two men leading up to Christmas. Pray that all our prayers will bring them blessings from our creator. Thank You.


Posted by at 02:58 on 25/10/2015

A Prayer for


I ask that prayers are all around the soul of Fr. Kenneth Leech, recently departed. I ask that Our Heavenly Father bring him into His Heavenly realm, arisen with Love and Light all around him. I ask that his many prayers of intercession are still heard and that others pray for his soul and comfort and peace is brought to his son and wife. I am at a loss without my dearest friend - brought to faith by Ken, I remain a spiritual child and give thanks to God for Ken's guidance and Love in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen


Posted by Tish at 10:40 on 15/09/2015

A Prayer for


Please pray for all those who are dying from terminal illnesses. Please pray especially for those leaving behind families and dependent children.


Posted by Anonymous at 01:36 on 14/09/2015

A Prayer for


Please include your prayers for the recovery of my friend who has brain cancer.

God Bless,


Posted by at 05:23 on 01/09/2015

A Prayer for


Please offer up your prayers for me that my loving, caring creator God will provide me with perfect wealth abundance, perfect health and perfect happiness as I start this autumn/fall season. Thank You.


Posted by at 09:52 on 01/09/2015

The Abbey Guild of Bell Ringers


If you live in England, whether in a large city or a small village, you have probably heard the sound of church bells. Bells have formed part of life in this country since the Middle Ages.

Church bells are the biggest and loudest musical instruments in the world. Their sound can be heard miles away from their towers.


Bells are rung to call people to church, to celebrate happy occasions and commemorate important events. They are also rung simply for the enjoyment of hearing their sound. Most church towers have bells. A set of bells is called a 'ring' or a 'peal'. Village churches may have a small ring of bells, comprising six or eight bells. Bigger churches and cathedrals usually have a larger ring.


Tewkesbury Abbey Guild of Ringers


Service ringing:

Sunday morning from 10.15am to 11.00am

(except on the first Sunday when there is a quarter peal)

Sunday evening from 4.00pm to 5.00pm on second and fourth Sundays only.

Practice night is on Thursday from 7.30pm to 9.00pm. Meet outside the North Transept door.

Visiting ringers are always welcome.
Please contact the secretary for more details on 01684 293764.


The Bells of Tewkesbury Abbey 

For more details about the bells of Tewkesbury Abbey click on the link below:-