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Do not worry about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

Philippians 4.6


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44 Prayers

  1. Tewkesbury Abbey

    Please pray for the soul of our dear sweet sister and sister in law who left us on the 7th December after a battle with lung cancer. Gone from our sight but not from our hearts.

  2. Julianne Owen

    Please open their hearts & let me stay here. Give me the strength to get these projects done.

  3. Christine Smith

    Please Lord, Help the situation with Pat. Please restore her health and let her let others help.

  4. John King

    Please offer up your prayers to God for the perfect healing of Martina King from Londonderry, United Kingdom – that her God will provide her healing from acid reflux, stomach illnesses, tinnitus and any other illness, so that she will achieve perfect health from this day forth, Amen. Thank you. From John King.

  5. Leland R. Somers

    May blessings of peace and hope fill the hearts of all the world. We are in such terrible straights both here in the USA and around the world. May the peace of Christ which passeth all understanding be in our hearts and minds this day and every day.

  6. Matthew Godwin

    Dear Lord, who is our physician and healer. Restore to full health, your son and faithful servant Eamonn McDaniels. A much loved grandfather to my partner and me, a much loved father to David, my partner’s father my partner’s mother Jane is his daughter-in-law. And his loving wife Diana who is a rock in times of crisis.

    Grant Eamonn a long and speedy recovery from his cancer.

    I ask this most sincerely

    Through Christ Our Lord


  7. John King

    Kindly raise up your prayers to God for me, that my loving creator will provide me with perfect health. I am diabetic, and I have had some health issues over the last month. Pray for healing and comfort to be provided in my life. Thank you. From John King in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, UK.

  8. James Janossy

    For Steven, who is facing an important moment in his life. That he may accept the support of those around him and be open to God’s grace.

  9. James Janossy

    For my brother Steven, who is facing an important moment in his life. That he may be open to God’s grace and the assistance of those close to him.

  10. Harold Holland

    Please pray for Rosa recovering from a stroke that she continues to improve

  11. Peter

    please pray for my colleague Diane, currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer, and for her husband Ian, and young son Josh. Please pray for healing, freedom from infection, and peace in their lives.

  12. Melissa Oakley

    Please pray for Jane Galbraith who finds Christmas hard. Her son died 3 years ago and his birthday is boxing Day please give her the strength to keep going and know the love of God.

  13. Annette

    Please say a prayer for my Mother who passed away suddenly on the 9th December 2016 due to a heart attack.I miss her so much she will be in my heart forever.

  14. Margret Smith

    For Margret, please pray that 2018 will be a better year health wise for her, she suffers from Osteoarthritis, and severe Tinnitis, but with God’s help, continues to work and care for the Lord’s creatures, and through them, finds peace and tranquility. She is known locally in the County she now lives as ” Mrs St. Francis”.as all animals respond to her, sensing her love for them. I ask this in Jesus’s name.

  15. Anonymous

    Please pray for all those who are caring for elderly parents.

  16. Ian Burnett

    May God be with my father, Jack, who has had to go into care due to declining health.

  17. Alyson Aronson, Mother

    Please pray for Sean Porter, a chorister at the Abbey School 1979-1983 and Head Chorister 1983. He is now in a hospice after a long and courageous battle with various cancers caused by Lynch Syndrome, a genetic condition. He loved the abbey and had hoped to visit next weekend, but now is too ill.
    Bless us, O Lord, Thy servants who minister in Thy temple, that what we sing with our lips we may believe in our hearts, and what we believe in our hearts we may show forth in our lives, through Jesus Christ our Lord Amen

  18. Dee ENGLAND

    Please pray for Wayne England. Also for Dee to give them strength and courage .Amen

  19. Pat veale

    Pray for the sole of a very lovely lady that we knew Mrs Jane Powell who passed away on April 17th 2018 two weeks before her daughter’s wedding which went ahead as planned. And please pray for her husband Andrew and his lovely family April max and Harriet and all the grandchildren. may god guide them and help them find peace in these very sad times.God bless

  20. Helen

    Please pray for my adopted son, Richard. Because of the abuse of his birth father, he has always been a deeply troubled boy. He is 15 now and sometimes he thinks only death will relieve him of his pain.

  21. Belinda Miles

    A brave prayer – Please pray for God’s mercy on Belinda for full salvation, 100% honest repentance and a born again spirit for the glory of Him who sent His Son for us. The same prayer for my daughter Faith and to be united as one in Him.

    God bless you – Thank you.

  22. Sarah Overy

    Please pray for my Dad, Ted who is very ill and for my Mum, Pat who is caring for him. That he can be comforted and supported in the time we have with him. And for all those and their families who are suffering too from serious illnesses.

  23. Veronica James

    Please pray for me i have severe throat problems caused by silent reflux been suffering for a long time now please pray for Gods healing to relieve me of this suffering…..also could you include Beauty Girl my little black long hair fluffy cat who has been paralized since last november she cannot walk due to a spinal injury after being hit by a car…..she has had some rehab but still cannot lift her back end to stand up and walk i have to take her to Bristol on monday morning for her to have a mri scan to see if anything can be done for her please pray for Gods Healing for her and give me strength also to carry on looking after her kind regards Veronica

  24. Anonymous

    I pray for Sheila, that she can find some emotional peace in her life and have happy times ahead. That she can get some of the answers she is looking for.

    I pray for us all, that we can quieten our minds now and again in this life of speed and rush. That we can try and look at the now, not behind us or ahead of us, but in the moment. Therein, I think, may lie some peace.

  25. Veronica James

    please pray that the panic attacks and chest pain i have will be healed by God our Father in Heaven i am so very afraid of being on my own due to the panic attacks and cannot go out on my own
    thank you so gratefully
    Veronica James

  26. Ann Booth

    Please say a pray for us , my sis Sharron Chapman died 5 months ago myself and our family are in deep pain please pray we can be strong pray for help to get us threw the inquest of her dealth …
    sad difficult times ahead

  27. Robert

    Please say a prayer for a very dear friend Beryl. She has had a very bad fall and is not very well, and finding things hard as she is a very active lady but is now confined to her home and its going to be a long time before she can go on her long walks Thank You

  28. Nicky

    Please say a prayer for my lovely daughter Maria who is 23 and battling with a terrible eating disorder.every day is a struggle.things are particularly bad at the moment .please pray and give her the strength to fight this horrible illness thank you nicky

  29. Ni

    Father in heaven
    Thank you for our healing that has already taken place. Please help us both with this continuing journey from cancer for my husband and anxiety and depression for me. Grant that we make full recoveries in both body and mind so that we may serve you and live our lives to the full in love happiness and deep faith. Amen

  30. John King

    Dear Sir/Madam. Kindly lift up, raise up and agree with me in positive prayer that on this lead up to Christmas of 2018, my loving creator will release positive blessings into my life, bringing me everlasting good financial fortune, good health in mind and body and perfect true happiness, peace, comfort and contentment. Thank you for your prayers for me. From John King, aged 33 in Londonderry, United Kingdom.

  31. Simon Richard Toomey

    Let us pray for all our friends who have died during the past years. Dave Smith, Tom Beal, Pete White, Florence May, Dennis Wilson, George Stanley Toomey, & all those who have died, May all the Souls & Souls of the faithfully departed through the mercy of God rest in peace amen.

  32. David

    Pray for the soul of Sean Robertson . May he R I P.

  33. Cristina

    Please pray for me to have better days at work. For my boss to be more supportive. Pray for Dexter to settle in the classroom and to show less behaviours. For him to be calm with his parents at home.
    For my husband and myself to find a way to work less hours. For our children to be healthy.
    Thank you and wish you a peaceful Christmas.

  34. Mr John King

    Please pray for Archdeacon Robert Miller, an Anglican clergyman who serves and ministers in Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Pray that God will bless this kind, dedicated man of faith, his ministry and family, especially during this Christmas season. Thank You. Mr John King.

  35. HMS Hermes Assosiation

    To our shipmate Ted Keeper as he crosses the bar, a wonderful gentleman and friend from your Shipmates of the HMS Hermes Association

  36. Derek Smith

    Please pray for my Great grandson Benny, who at 20 months is undergoing tests to find out why he is not Talking and Walking yet.

  37. Anonymous

    Pray for Alice as she battles illness in her young life. May God allow her to survive and be able to go on and fulfil her hopes and dreams.

  38. Cristina Silva Santisteban Glazier

    Dear lord thank you for the time I got to spend with my grandma, please bless her now she is with you. Please place your grace upon my grandfather, my father and my family. Who love and miss her dearly. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

  39. neriza cayanan

    praying for my friends mom for complete healing who has stage 4 cancer. thank you.

  40. jim

    thank you Lord for giving me the news I am free of cancer, bless and heal those still afflicted serenity for all and divine guidance, Jim W.

  41. Anon

    Please pray for me and my friends, as we prepare to take some very intense exams.

  42. Colin Webster

    Please pray that the Holy Spirit will be with me, Colin, as I attend hospital for procedures and also that God’s healing hand will be with Jim and Murray who are battling with cancer.

  43. Charlotte Nobbs

    I pray for Clair, George and Thea Dawson. I ask God that he support them in the hard times ahead after being diagnoised with a brain tumour.

  44. Aaron

    Please pray for Artimizia George who sadly passed away on Friday 28th June 2019. May her soul rest in peace.


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