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Do not worry about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

Philippians 4.6


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35 Prayers

  1. Tewkesbury Abbey

    Please offer up your prayers to God for my parish clergy of St Eugene’s Roman Catholic Cathedral in Londonderry, United Kingdom – Bishop Donal McKeown, Reverends Paul Farren, Patrick Lagan, Patrick McIntyre, Frank McLaughlin & Deacon Christopher McDermott, that our loving creator God will grant them blessings, guidance and protection this Christmas time. Amen.

  2. Tewkesbury Abbey

    Please pray for the soul of our dear sweet sister and sister in law who left us on the 7th December after a battle with lung cancer. Gone from our sight but not from our hearts.

  3. Therese Ryan

    Prayer for Therese Ryan for clear guidance and direction on what pathway to go. I need a permanent job where I will be happy, secure and feel I have a purpose to my life again. I have been offered a job in the middle east and I am not sure it is the right job to take, help me decide to accept this job or not take it. Help me build up positive connections with family, friends and new contacts. Help me handle my anxiety better and give me strength and faith for my future. Thank you. Amen.

  4. Kay Syme

    Please pray for little Sophie who is about to undergo her second major operation in her short life. May God keep her safe now and always

  5. Rosemary Bradley

    Please pray for me, I lost my husband last September and instead of getting easier, it is getting harder to cope and I feel low and so unmotivated to even pray. The desire is there to pray but I don’t..

  6. Robert

    Please pray for a friend of mine Beryl, that she will soon be back to full health

  7. A

    Please pray for me. I am struggling with finding meaning with life and I am struggling with suicidal thoughts. I don’t think I can cope with loneliness and life anymore

  8. Barbara Hall

    Please pray for the refugee children in Calais many of whom are on their own without family. Please pray that they may soon enjoy safety and protection from harm.

  9. Robert

    Please pray for Trevor Doland that he may find relief from all his health problems he has been poorly for many years. Thank you LORD

  10. Clare Partington

    Please pray for the Rev John Crane who is a regular member of your congregation. He is very ill and we pray for his recovery . He is a much loved Father and Grandfather and we hold him close to our hearts at this time

  11. Christine (The Choir Grace)

    I pray that our Heavenly father are going to bless our Gospel Recital on the 2nd og September. May he Grant us clean and strong voices and an audience to enjoy the happy Gospel.

  12. Angela

    Please pray for my grandson Adam who is autistic and finds this typical world so difficult to live in and his mother, my dear daughter, whose love and devotion in caring for him is unswerving.
    Thank you so much

  13. Sally

    I have been feeling unwell for some time and would appreciate a prayer

    Thank you

  14. mary wynne

    Please pray for Rob Jenkins who is undergoing palliative radiotherapy for the net 10 days.

    Lord in your Mercy
    Hear our prayer.

  15. Alicia

    Please pray for my brother, Gregory, in his fight against cancer.

  16. Kay

    Please offer prayers for Liz Butler who died on the 28th October. Rest eternal mum I love you xxxx

  17. Esse Menson and Anthony Mackenzie

    Please pray for our dear friend Lala who is undergoing treatment for a serious illness.

  18. Ann Pollock

    Please say a prayer for my neighbour Sylvia Simmonds who fell on black ice yesterday and broke 2 bones in her foot.

  19. mark clink

    please pray for peggy drinkwater my mom is 87 and her mouth hurts all time and unable to eat.

  20. Will

    Times are very challenging at the moment – with troubles at home affecting university finals, and career hopes. Please pray that I will feel peace have the energy to plough through the next few weeks.

  21. Gillian

    I ask Jesus to keep my friend Jude safe from harm and at peace with herself and her feelings. I ask Jesus he protects my precious friend and helps her see the friendship and love I can offer her always.

  22. Carol hallam

    Please prayer for my daughter Zoe who has severe OCD that is taking over her life’pray for her mind to have peace and that help will come soon thankyou with all my heart Jesus amen

  23. Eileen Goddard

    The Mortons, a Pakistani Christian family in Thailand, will receive the decision of UNHCR tomorrow (Friday 12) as to whether or not they will be resettled in a third country.
    Please pray that the decision will work for God’s glory.

  24. Marri

    Please include Lynne in your prayers for a restoration to health after so many years of it being compromised, for a calming of mind, and for strength to carry on. Her fortitude has been completely sapped and I am so worried that she hasn’t the physical or mental strength and resolve to see this illness off.

  25. Shirley Foster Williams McQuerter

    That Mom’s family will reunite out of their love for her; that others will see the grave error done to Mom. God Speed to All.

  26. Julianne Owen

    Please open their hearts & let me stay here. Give me the strength to get these projects done.

  27. Christine Smith

    Please Lord, Help the situation with Pat. Please restore her health and let her let others help.

  28. John King

    Please offer up your prayers to God for the perfect healing of Martina King from Londonderry, United Kingdom – that her God will provide her healing from acid reflux, stomach illnesses, tinnitus and any other illness, so that she will achieve perfect health from this day forth, Amen. Thank you. From John King.

  29. Leland R. Somers

    May blessings of peace and hope fill the hearts of all the world. We are in such terrible straights both here in the USA and around the world. May the peace of Christ which passeth all understanding be in our hearts and minds this day and every day.

  30. Matthew Godwin

    Dear Lord, who is our physician and healer. Restore to full health, your son and faithful servant Eamonn McDaniels. A much loved grandfather to my partner and me, a much loved father to David, my partner’s father my partner’s mother Jane is his daughter-in-law. And his loving wife Diana who is a rock in times of crisis.

    Grant Eamonn a long and speedy recovery from his cancer.

    I ask this most sincerely

    Through Christ Our Lord


  31. John King

    Kindly raise up your prayers to God for me, that my loving creator will provide me with perfect health. I am diabetic, and I have had some health issues over the last month. Pray for healing and comfort to be provided in my life. Thank you. From John King in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, UK.

  32. James Janossy

    For Steven, who is facing an important moment in his life. That he may accept the support of those around him and be open to God’s grace.

  33. James Janossy

    For my brother Steven, who is facing an important moment in his life. That he may be open to God’s grace and the assistance of those close to him.

  34. Harold Holland

    Please pray for Rosa recovering from a stroke that she continues to improve

  35. Peter

    please pray for my colleague Diane, currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer, and for her husband Ian, and young son Josh. Please pray for healing, freedom from infection, and peace in their lives.

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