Celebrate, part of Tewkesbury Abbey, is a Church community in Priors Park for families and others of all ages. We love to come together in an informal way to have fun, get to know Jesus, grow together in faith, and support and care for each other and for those in our wider community. We meet every Saturday as a whole community and at other times for family events and meet in groups for bible study and at other times just for lunch!

We are an inclusive community where all are welcome. We particularly suit families of all ages as children as always present and fully involved.

Celebrate meets in Queen Margaret School Hall in Priors Park, usually on the second Saturday of each month and at the vicarage at 89 York Road on the other Saturdays.

Celebrate’s Ministers are The Reverend Wendy Ruffle, Pioneer Minister and The Reverend Ed Sauven Pioneer Curate. Church leaders are Ms Sue Kavanagh and Miss Kelly Walker; Worship leader, Mrs Nicole Barnett, Hospitality leader, Mr Trevor Barnett.

Reverend Wendy Ruffle
07768 182769

The Celebrate Community

The Queen's 90th Birthday Party - with Cake!

Celebrate’s Vision Song.

Over the last couple of months ‘Celebrate’, Tewkesbury Abbey’s family Church community in Priors Park and part of the whole Abbey family, have been praying and reflecting together on what Church is and how we feel God is calling us to be as His Church community.  We have spent time at creative prayer stations and in worship together and have responded by painting, drawing and writing what we feel God is saying to us.  All of this has come together in us writing a worship song and producing a video of some of us (the more reserved members of our community are worshipping indoors!) worshipping together with this song which we would like to share with you.  We pray you are also blessed, as we feel we are, as you join in with Celebrate in worship of  Christ Jesus our King.

Reverend Wendy Ruffle
Pioneer Minister
Priors Park
26 July 2016

Rachel North, Deputy CEO of Tewkesbury Borough Council, visits Celebrate at 89 York Road, Tewkesbury

A group from The Abbey on the Park Celebrate recently attended New Wine at Shepton Mallet. Here are some photographs of them.

Having Lunch

Peepo Mummy

All in a day's work

Celebrate's older children having a water fight. The adults are hiding in a tent porch!!

Communion at New Wine

The Revd Wendy Ruffle, Pioneer Minister writes: 'One of our Celebrate family has given me permission to share how the Lord has been encouraging her this week at New Wine. We have been reminded through the week's bible study of Exodus to have a perspective shift on how we see ourselves. The Lord speaks words of love over us as our Father and would say to each of us as his children ||have you seen anything so beautiful?|| '

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