Abbey Archive

The majority of the Abbey Archives have been deposited in the Gloucestershire County and Diocesan Archives in Gloucester and are not kept at Tewkesbury Abbey.

Details of these holdings can be found in the Gloucestershire Archives online catalogue Website at


For those researching their family history, it may be helpful to know that only the current parish registers are held at the Abbey.  All earlier registers have been deposited at Gloucestershire Archives, Clarence Row,  Alvin Street, Gloucester GL1 3DW Tel. 01452 425295  Website [email protected]

The majority of these registers up to the early part of the 20th century have been digitised and transcribed and are available on the Ancestry Website.

The commencement dates for the registers held at the Abbey are as follows: –

Baptisms                       from 16/12/2012
Confirmations            from 10/05/1998
Banns of Marriage    from 01/08/2010
Marriages                     from 05/12/2020
Funerals*                     from 19/12/2017

*The Abbey churchyard was closed for burials from 1st February 1857, and from that date the majority of funerals in the Abbey have been followed by burial in the Town Cemetery or cremation.  A small number of burials was permitted in existing graves in the Abbey churchyard after its closure, and since the 1940s cremated remains have been interred in the churchyard.  A register of these burials and interments is held at the Abbey.

Monumental inscriptions on gravestones and tombs in the Abbey Churchyard

Monumental inscriptions on gravestones and monuments in the Abbey

The above include monumental inscriptions recorded in the nineteenth century but no longer legible.

Biographical details of Abbey Organists

If you have any questions regarding the Abbey Archives, please email the Abbey Archivist at [email protected]

Abbey Archive

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